Exhibition: Viva La Vulva 2017

Exhibition in Utrecht, Netherlands 2017.  An exhibition organised by Sinead Holly Woodnutt.  Celebrating the feminine energy in all her glory and working with themes such as the vulva, womb energy and the evolution of feminine and masculine energies.  Two other local artists were also involved in this beautiful show, Hester van Doorn and Eta Leonor.

Comission: Mountain Mural

A mural comission in London, the client wanted a mountain scene on his bedroom wall.  I was given a lot of free range with this one to let my creative juices run wild!  In this album you will see a collection of images showing the progression of the painting.

Community Art: India 2012

Whilst volunteering in the Tibetan town of Dharamasala, I was lucky to work with some of the local children and as I got to know their nursery I realised it really needed some colour! So, with the help of another volunteer we bought some paint and spent a few days adding a fun garden scene…

Education For All

I was very blessed to be able to live and work in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco whilst I completed my final clinical placement for my Art Therapy training.  I worked with the charity Education For All which works to give education for girls up in the Atlas Mountains.