Sinead studied Anthroposophical Art Therapy at Tobias School of Art and Therapy U.K, graduating in 2015.  She has experience providing individual sessions to children in London within the school setting, as well as working with children and young people in the foster care system.  Currently she works for a charity called Street Talk in London, U.K; providing individual and group art therapy for women who have been trafficked, female sex workers and also brining the service directly into women only prisons.

Studying at Tobias School of Art and Therapy, provided a solid foundation in the theories of Rudlof Steiner, Goethe,  Carl Jung and physcodynamic techniques.   She will draw from this deep well of knowledge , creating a supportive and safe place to explore your images as she walks the journey with you to wellness leading to a transformative experience.

She will guide you through exercises as well as giving you the space you need to create in a nurturing and warm environment.  Often, wet-on-wet meditative painting will be used, clay modelling,  as well as dynamic and from drawings as created by Steiner.  She will tailor the sessions to your individual needs, respecting the individual and is based on a solid therapeutic relationship.
Whether working through trauma, be averment or everyday stresses you can be sure that working with your images in this way will bring about wellness; and can create changes that are much needed in your life.

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